New Community Centers Improve Quality of Life in Underserved Areas

A community advocate, attorney Joseph Solfanelli is a board member for organizations including the Scranton Cultural Center and Boy Scouts of America. Aside from serving as an attorney, Joseph Solfanelli makes time to support The Salvation Army of Northeastern Pennsylvania, where he provided leadership as vice president.

In May 2015, researchers at Partners for Sacred Places and McClanahan Associates, Inc. weighed the positive social and economic impact of the newly opened Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centers, facilities developed by The Salvation Army with Joan Kroc’s historic $1.5 billion bequest. The centers, located nationwide in underserved communities, offer nearly $250 million in community benefits each year.

In quantifying value, researchers took into consideration participants’ social connections made through the centers and their improved quality of life through the provided fitness, health, and arts programs. More factors included daycare services, scholarships, and outdoor recreation space, as well as employment opportunities, as the construction of the 25 centers created nearly 15,000 jobs.


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