Planned Gifts to The Salvation Army

Attorney Joseph Solfanelli practices business law, focusing in the areas of contract disputes, acquisitions, and corporate governance, among others. Additionally, attorney Joseph Solfanelli is active with a number of charitable and community organizations and serves as a board member for The Salvation Army of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

With 7,546 locations in the Unites States, The Salvation Army is able to reach large numbers of people across the country. Its centers perform a variety of services to the community, including food distribution and rehabilitation services for individuals who need to get back on their feet. In addition to helping adults, The Salvation Army also operates children- and family-centered programs such as youth camps and outreach programs for the homeless.

The Salvation Army relies on donations to provide its services, and as such it maintains a team of planning advisors to help donors maximize their assistance to the organization. By working with The Salvation Army’s team of planned giving advisors, individuals can create planned gifts such as bequests in a will and gift annuities. Individuals interested in making a planned gift should contact their local Salvation Army chapters to learn more about the process.


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