Opportunities for Supporting the Scranton Cultural Center

Attorney Joseph Solfanelli has been practicing law for more than four decades. The Pennsylvania-based business lawyer got his start at a law firm in New York City before opening his own firm in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he has practiced since 1975. In addition to his career as an attorney, Joseph Solfanelli enjoys participating in his community, and is a member of the Scranton Cultural Center in Pennsylvania.

The Scranton Cultural Center is a performance arts center that hosts numerous musical and theatrical performances year-round. Located inside of a Masonic Temple dating back to 1930, the center also continues to host the activities of the local Masonic Fraternity. As a member-supported organization, the center relies in large part on community contributions. There are several donation opportunities available through the center for various causes, including the Matthew F. Flynn Scholarship Fund, which helps enable all children to have equal access to art programs the facility hosts each year. Other opportunities for giving include two different building restoration funds, which help preserve the historic, Neo-Gothic architecture which houses the center and make necessary repairs and renovations, and several patron and membership packages ranging from $25-500, all with a variety of benefits and discounts. For more information, visit http://www.scrantonculturalcenter.org.


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