The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope Program

For nearly four decades, Attorney Joseph Solfanelli has been practicing general business law and offering counsel on matters such as corporate financing, commercial transactions, and reorganizations. Attorney Joseph Solfanelli has also held numerous leadership roles with charitable organizations, including his role as vice president of the Salvation Army of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Among the Salvation Army’s many effective programs is its Pathway of Hope initiative. Pathway of Hope helps families overcome patterns of poverty by implementing a high-impact assistance approach that concentrates on determining why families are unable to achieve self-sufficiency. The program specifically works with families with children in an effort to target generational poverty and double the program’s impact. According to the Salvation Army, studies show that individuals who experience poverty in childhood are 32 times more likely to live in poverty in adulthood.

The Pathway of Hope program also strives to decrease family crisis situations and increase stability by providing long-term case management assistance to families who have repeatedly sought emergency assistance. The program has been initiated at select Salvation Army locations and is estimated to assist 60 to 80 families each year.


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